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    mimi uchiha

    April 12, 2014 by Itasasu2002

    mimi's story

    mimi is a 12yr old genin level shinobi. who graduated from the academy at age 11. her parents are itachi uchiha and sasuke uchiha she was born right after her parents returned to konoha,along with the rest of her four siblings. (note: this is an entirely different timeline! sasuke had turned himself female in order to have kids. and after the births turned back into man) at the age of 7 mimi had entered the academy, when she did nobody liked her or her siblings due to the fact that their parents were brothers, and because of that she and her family were called the inbred family of konoha, but this did not stop her from already acceding the teachers expectations and making the top of her class in just 1 year, although …
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