Yoshizumi Shiraki
Shiraki Yoshizumi (白木良純)




Birthday: October 8th

Part I: 12

Part II: 17


Part I: 43.0 kg

Part II: 55.4 kg


Part I: 152.4 cm

Part II: 174.0 cm




Part I: Chūnin

Part II: Chūnin

Ninja Registration Number: 012582

Academy Graduation Age: 12

Chūnin Promotion Age: 12

Kekkei Genkai:

Blood Control (Unnamed)


Affiliation(s): Konohagakure

Team(s): Team Akeginu


Clan: Shiraki Clan


Noriko Shiraki (Grandmother)

Kyohei Shiraki (Brother)


Ninja Art, Crimson Mist

Ninja Art, Crimson Thorns

Blood Clone Technique

Leech Technique (Unnamed)

Yoshizumi Shiraki (白木 良純, Shiraki Yoshizumi) is a Chūnin-level shinobi of Konohagakure, and is the heir of the Shiraki Clan. He is a member of Team Akeginu, with Yakumo Kurama and Yukihime Kiriame as his teammates.

Part I

As a child, he had some
Yoshi genin

Yoshizumi in Part I

kind of inmature personality, thinking that he can do things without the help of his teammates. Also, he had some kind of problems because of his height, since he was the smallest of the class. He is fanatic of the “Icha Icha” series, and also of their author, Jiraiya, using Tranformation technices in order to buy them.

When he gratuated from the academy, he was assigned as a member of Team Akeginu. He already met Yakumo Kurama, since they are childhood friends. His relationship with Yukihime Kiriame was a little troublesome, since they had different opinions about different things, but they learnt to get along well with each other. Their sensei was Akeginu Watanabe. Despite the appareance of their sensei, she was really extrict, and missions and trainning was really hard. Also she had troubles with his perverted personality. Also he gets along with Neji Hyuuga (but most of the time Yoshizumi wants to talk about Hinata, his dream girl) She is the only one who can make his blush and also stammer. He is awared of her crush on Naruto Uzumaki, that’s why he declared him as his enemy and rival (Althogh Naruto really doesn’t care about that)

Part II

His personali
Yoshi team

Team Akeginu and Naruto

ty hasn't changed so much, since he is still the pervert of his Team. He likes to be in missions, but also he is a little lazy and prefers to sleep or read his books. Also he likes to play with a bubble pipe, which was a gift from his father. You can always see him smiling. He really likes to flirt with most of the girls in Konoha, but most of the time he is rejected or slapped in the face, because he is also known for spying on the thermal baths.

Kekkei Genkai

NarutoOC Ninpou Akai Kiri by afo2006

Ninja Art, Crimson Mist

His Kekkei Genkai grants him control over his blood; secreting it out of hir pores creating a fine mist to grant him the cover to move and attack with his katana (A memento of his father). But also it has other variations, like creating innumerable needles made of his blood clots and directly introducing them into his victim's body. But these justus have a disadvantage: he constantly loses blood, that’s why he can also adhere his skin onto his opponent's and then absorb their blood into himself. This can make him recover the lost blood only if the bloodtype of the enemy is compatible with his (If it’s not, it has to be vomited)