The Shiraki clan Symbol

The Shiraki clan is known for being one of the most rich families in Konoha and having an extremely powerful influence not only in the village, but also in the entire Fire country. They own an inmense conglomerate organization that primarily deals in hospitals and other health-related products. The only known members are Yoshizumi Shiraki, his little brother, Kyohei, and his grandmother and leader of the clan, Noriko Shiraki. She really hates the idea of her grandchildren to become shinobis, since her son (father of Yoshizumi ) died in a mission. Also, since they inherited the Kekkei Genkai from their mother (who died with her husband), also blames her of leaving them with that “curse” for the rest of their lifes. But despite all this, he finally come to convince her to let him being a shinobi.

The Shiraki mansion is well known for its inmense size and ornamentings in the high part of Konohagakure, as well as being surrounded by White Yulan Flowers (Ren Shiraki or Magnolia Denudata) This flowers were regarded as a symbol of purity in the Tang Dynasty and it was planted in the grounds of the Emperor's palace.

The Clan's Symbol is represented by these flowers.