Hello all! These icons will be used for your oc bios, and also for any other page such as for jutsus, clans, etc. Yes, this means free use! :) The icons you see are meant for the use in your infobox only. Some villages or etc may not have an icon, so if you do not see the item you need on this list, that means it did not have an icon! 

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Zodiac Signs Edit

18px-Aries.svg.png Aries (March 21 - April 19 )
18px-Taurus.svg.png Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
18px-Gemini.svg.png Gemini (May 21 - June 20)
18px-Cancer.svg.png Cancer (June 21 - July 22)
18px-Leo.svg.png Leo (July 23 - August 22)
18px-Virgo.svg.png Virgo (August 23 - September 22)
18px-Libra.svg.png Libra (September 23 - October 22)
18px-Scorpio.svg.png Scorpio (October 23 - November 23)
18px-Sagittarius.svg.png Sagittarius (November 24 - December 21)
18px-Capricorn.svg.png Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)
18px-Aquarius.svg.png Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)
18px-Pisces.svg.png Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

  • Note: Only copy the symbol!! The dates are to help you determine which to use.

Nature Icons Edit

18px-Nature_Icon_Fire.svg.png Fire Release
18px-Nature_Icon_Wind.svg.png Wind Release
18px-Nature_Icon_Lightning.svg.png Lightning Release
18px-Nature_Icon_Earth.svg.png Earth Release
18px-Nature_Icon_Water.svg.png Water Release
18px-Nature_Icon_Yin.svg.png Yin Release
18px-Nature_Icon_Yang.svg.png Yang Release
18px-Nature_Icon_Yin%E2%80%93Yang.svg.png Ying-Yang Release

Kekkei Genkai Edit

18px-Nature_Icon_Blaze.svg.png Blaze Release
18px-Nature_Icon_Boil.svg.png Boil Release
18px-Nature_Icon_Crystal.svg.png Crystal Release
18px-Nature_Icon_Dark.svg.png Dark Release
18px-Nature_Icon_Explosion.svg.png Explosion Release
18px-Nature_Icon_Ice.svg.png Ice Release
18px-Nature_Icon_Lava.svg.png Lava Release
18px-Nature_Icon_Magnet.svg.png Magnet Release
18px-Nature_Icon_Scorch.svg.png Scorch Release
18px-Shikotsumyaku_Symbol.svg.png Shikotsumyaku
18px-Nature_Icon_Steel.svg.png Steel Release
18px-Nature_Icon_Storm.svg.png Storm Release
18px-Nature_Icon_Swift.svg.png Swift Release
18px-Nature_Icon_Wood.svg.png Wood Release


18px-Sharingan_Triple.svg.png Sharingan
18px-Mangeky%C5%8D_Sharingan_Itachi.svg.png Mangekyō Sharingan
18px-Mangeky%C5%8D_Sharingan_Sasuke_%28Eternal%29.svg.png Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan
18px-Byakugan.svg.png Byakugan
18px-Rinnegan.svg.png Rinnegan
18px-D%C5%8Djutsu_Uchiha_Ancestor.svg.png Sharingan Ancestor

Kekkei Tōta Edit

18px-Nature_Icon_Dust.svg.png Dust Release

Villages Edit

18px-Amegakure_Symbol.svg.png Amegakure
18px-Getsugakure_Symbol.svg.png Getsugakure
18px-Hoshigakure_Symbol.svg.png Hoshigakure
18px-Ishigakure_Symbol.svg.png Ishigakue
18px-Iwagakure_Symbol.svg.png Iwagakure
18px-J%C5%8Dmae_Village_Symbol.svg.png Jōmae Village
18px-Kirigakure_Symbol.svg.png Kirigakure
18px-Konohagakure_Symbol.svg.png Konohagakure
18px-Kumogakure_Symbol.svg.png Kumogakure
18px-Kusagakure_Symbol.svg.png Kusagakure
18px-Toad_Symbol.svg.png Mount Myōboku
18px-Nadeshiko_Village_Symbol.svg.png Nadeshiko
18px-Otogakure_Symbol.svg.png Otogakure
18px-Shimogakure_Symbol.svg.png Shimogakure
18px-Sunagakure_Symbol.svg.png Sunagakure
18px-Takigakure_Symbol.svg.png Takigakure
18px-Takumi_Village_Symbol.svg.png Takumi Village
18px-Tanigakure_Symbol.svg.png Tanigakure
18px-Uzushiogakure_Symbol.svg.png Uzushiogakure
18px-Yugakure_Symbol.svg.png Yugakure
18px-Yukigakure_Symbol.svg.png Yukigakure

Countries Edit

18px-Land_of_Earth_Symbol.svg.png Land of Earth
18px-Land_of_Fire_Symbol.svg.png Land of Fire
18px-Land_of_Iron_Symbol.svg.png Land of Iron
18px-Land_of_Lightning_Symbol.svg.png Land of Lightning
18px-Land_of_Snow_Symbol.svg.png Land of Snow
18px-Land_of_Sound_Symbol.svg.png Land of Sound
18px-Land_of_Water_Symbol.svg.png Land of Water
18px-Land_of_Wind_Symbol.svg.png Land of Wind
18px-Land_of_Woods_Symbol.svg.png Land of Woods
18px-Land_of_the_Sky_Symbol.svg.png Land of the Sky

Clans Edit

18px-Aburame_Symbol.svg.png Aburame Clan
18px-Akimichi_Symbol.svg.png Akimichi Clan
18px-F%C5%ABma_Symbol.svg.png Fūma Clan
18px-F%C5%ABma_%28anime%29_Symbol.svg.png Fūma Clan (Land of Sound)
18px-Hagoromo_Symbol.svg.png Hagoromo Clan
18px-H%C5%8Dzuki_Symbol.svg.png Hōzuki Clan
18px-Hy%C5%ABga_Symbol.svg.png Hyūga Clan
18px-Inuzuka_Symbol.svg.png Inuzuka Clan
18px-Kaguya_Symbol.svg.png Kaguya Clan
18px-Ked%C5%8Din_Symbol.svg.png Kedōin Clan
18px-Kohaku_Symbol.svg.png Kohaku Clan
18px-Kurama_Symbol.svg.png Kurama Clan
18px-Nara_Symbol.svg.png Nara Clan
18px-Sarutobi_Symbol.svg.png Sarutobi Clan
18px-Senju_Symbol.svg.png Senju Clan
18px-Shirogane_Symbol.svg.png Shirogane Clan
18px-Tsuchigumo_Symbol.svg.png Tsuchigumo
18px-Uchiha_Symbol.svg.png Uchiha Clan
18px-Uzushiogakure_Symbol.svg.png Uzumaki Clan
18px-Yamanaka_Symbol.svg.png Yamanaka Clan
18px-Yotsuki_Symbol.svg.png Yotsuki Clan
18px-Yuki_Symbol.svg.png Yuki Clan

Groups/Factions Edit

18px-Akatsuki_Symbol.svg.png Akatsuki
18px-Allied_Shinobi_Forces_Symbol.svg.png Allied Shinobi Forces
18px-Root_Symbol.svg.png Root
18px-Military_Police_Symbol.svg.png Konoha Military Police Force
18px-Fire_Temple_Symbol.svg.png Fire Temple

Gender Edit

18px-Gender_Female.svg.png Female
18px-Gender_Male.svg.png Male

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